Lake Hayes Estate Home

This home consists of a 4 bedroom, 2 living, office, 2.5 bathrooms, double garage, single garage (250m2) plus 2 bedrooms, 1 living, 1 bathroom (80m2).

The building is cladded in ply and baton, and cedar. It has polished concrete floors, tiled bathrooms and blonded ply ceilings in the living/dining/kitchen area.

Building Queenstown architectural new builds

Building Queenstown architectural new builds

Building Queenstown architectural new builds

Building Queenstown architectural new builds

Building Queenstown architectural new builds

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Oturehua Strawbale House

In the early days of Deavoll Construction, Sam built this strawbale home for Writer Jillian Sullivan in Oturehua, Central Otago.

A strawbale home has many tasks that labourers and the community can help out with. So on this build, Jillian herself was the main builder’s labourer. In addition we had a host of family members, neighbours, friends and strawbale enthusiasts to assist with the strawbale and mud stages.

The home was featured on the building website Build me. Below is an excerpt from the original article

Writer Jillian Sullivan’s strawbale cottage looks towards the Hawkdun mountain range from the outskirts of Oturehua in the Ida Valley, Central Otago. It’s red roof and thick straw walls provide shelter from some of the most extreme weather conditions in New Zealand, both hot and cold. And they tell a story too, of  having a dream, working hard, persistence and community.  Back in 2012, this self proclaimed “(then) unskilled, unfit and 55year old Grandmother” took on the project of building her own home. The result is a natural and energy efficient home that provides a base for an extended family and the odd Central Otago Rail Trail biker as well. Read more…



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Truth window

team working on mud

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Jillian has a book coming out in October 2016, a memoir that writes about the strawbale build and working with Sam. A Way Home: Building a new life and a strawbale home – One womans inspirational story. 

A Way home strawbale book Jillian Sullivan


For videos, radio interview and more information on the building of this unique strawbale home, please visit Jillian’s website.

Jillian’s home is also available on Airbnb for guest bookings.

Builders Sam and Jillian. Video Links on website HERE.

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Most photos by Michaela Cox